Even if you've never had a Therapeutic Massage, this ancient Art of Healing is 
beneficial to all!

     If tension, pain or restricted movement keep 
you from living the life you want,
 MASSAGE can help!  

       A deep and gentle therapy, 
Massage can relieve an amazing amount of pain! With a maintenance program 
that's easy to set up, 
you'll be amazed how 
Massage with Marty 
can greatly improve your quality of Life!

Online appointment booking available,
Instructions on the Contact page. 
          Research shows that Massage:
 decreases muscle tension, 
increases circulation and 
calms the nervous system.  

     The result is wellness that can bring relief to 
a wide variety of conditions.

*Stress      *Secondary pain
*Tight and painful muscles*Pain and restriction
*Pain or tingling in your of joints
         arms or legs           *Injuries*Injury prevention*Arthritis-Osteo & Rheumatoid
*Fluid retention   *Negative side effects
*Postural Problemsof restricted activity

Medical Massage
Fibromyalgia &
Arthrossage Arthritis Massage!

Gift Certificates are always 
available for:
Weddings & Anniversaries
Pregnant Moms & New Moms
(Don't forget the new DAD!)

Mothers Day & Fathers Day

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa,
(and Marty's personal favorite:)
Just because!


Scent Sational
 Martha Z. Chambers LMT, MMP
*Insurance Filing Available*

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