Medical Massage
Cash, Check, MC and Visa 
Appointments available 
for existing clients only. 

Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage
$75  One hour (full 60 min)
$85-95* One hour Aromatherapy 
  *Aromatherapy or CBD (recommended)
$55 for 30 minutes    

Online appointment booking 
Instructions on Contact page.

Gift Certificates Always Available

Medical Massage
Each appointment will be different. 
Your treatment is tailored 
towards the end goal 
of health, healing and giving your body 
the best treatment possible that day. 
CBD and Aromatherapy are used as needed 
for the best, optimal results.

Arthrossage Arthritis Massage
as taught by Adrian Carr
This is for anyone who suffers from pain 
or restrictions associated with 
Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  
This is also a perfect treatment for anyone 
who prefers a fully clothed treatment.

Scent Sational
Martha Z. Chambers LMT, MMP, CVT(Ret)

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