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​Marty specialty is Medical Massage.
Each appointment is custom fit to your needs 
on the day of your appointment.
​Medical Massage is a specialized technique that focuses on specific conditions such as
 Post surgical massage, Fibromyalgia,
(Arthrossage) Arthritis Massage, Chronic pain.
Other Therapeutic Massage techniques:
Relaxing Swedish, Deep tissue Massage,

   Marty files Insurance for Auto Injuries and Workers Comp. Be sure to call 
 for more information.

A combat Veteran since 1990, 
Marty is dedicated to helping Veterans and their families deal with the stress and after effects of Combat.  
Be sure to ask about the local 
Wounded Warriors Project.

      Marty's first interest was in Aromatherapy.  She was so excited to understand the healing properties of plant extracts (Aromatherapy Essential Oils), yet didn't have a way to fully share them with others.  
Which led to her pursuit of Massage training.

     Marty  trained  in Houston, Texas (1998) at 
Source Vital College of Holistic Arts for Aromatherapy (after being self taught for 10 years) Then changed careers by privately training for Massage in 1999 by a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Bisbee, AZ, and
Desert Institute of the Healing Arts (now called Cortiva) in Tucson, Arizona 
completed in 2003. 
She came back to Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca 
full-time. In 2008, Marty completed her Advanced Training in Medical Massage
and now uses the Initials MMP which stand for 
Medical Massage Practitioner.

Martys' service commitment, to both her clients and to her profession as a Massage Therapist are ongoing and of the highest level.  
       She is Licensed by the 
State of Arizona & City of Sierra Vista, 
and maintains her Continuing Education
 training on a regular basis 
to keep pace with her ever expanding 
and knowledgeable profession, 
 in accordance with State and National guidelines.

Scent Sational
Martha Z. Chambers LMT, MMP, CVT(Ret)

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